"He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words."
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★ Scheletro umano (Bic sketch) by Andrea Schillaci ★


 Scheletro umano (Bic sketch) by Andrea Schillaci 

"Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul."
Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter, Geraldine (via oncealoyallover)

Construction of One Chase Manhattan Plaza: New York 1955 via Retronaut


Construction of One Chase Manhattan Plaza: New York 1955 via Retronaut


Jeremy Geddes (2010-11)

1. The White Cosmonaut

2. Adrift

3. The Street

4. Redemption

5. The Lonely Cosmonaut


The Made Shop - The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories (2012)

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Olive grove, Vincent Van Gogh


Olive grove, Vincent Van Gogh

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Wow okay so I’ve been researching Marina Abramovićand I’ve got this entirely new view of performance art now.

Like, this is her piece Rhythm 0 (or at least parts of it) and like.  She gave complete control to the audience and it is incredible what people will do when given the opportunity.  People came up to her and stabbed her with thorns from the roses, cut her with the knife, and even one person took the gun and aimed it at her face.

This is just a really powerful and eye-opening piece of performance art.

(NSFW for some nudity.)

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Catherine Hennessey.



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This is new
I begged for you However
Unlike those privileged
I can’t follow this heart
For we are called to be apart
My ribs ache Mind to break
What is it about you and all that happens around you..always somehow sometimes leaves me hollow. I cannot shake you. No matter how hard I try. You are buried in my skin and my brain. Trouble was a frequent visitor, and I found myself eagerly waiting for it. O it cannot be. I, He, them… They will never allow it. Oh how my blood dances. I need to get out. The cage is shrinking shrinking shrinking! Father get me out! Rip my lungs… take my heart!
There you stand. The one who once held my hand. Help me call Father.. Help me!
There you stood.
Ever glowing..ever strong. A figure dark as the sun. Disappearing, disappeared. Undone.
But there is a hope
That one day Father will open the cage.
And the place where you once stood.. Filled again?

Stronger and stronger she blows
The winds of change and unanswered prayers
How tomorrow ends nobody know
Sometimes it feels like there’s no one there
I realize I’m better than the ones in my head
The mighty rivers and the storm
Pushes hard against me
Check myself if I am wrong
I know I’ll be somebody
It’s getting darker in this storm
But it just can’t hold me down

stitch up my mouth/ never let me breathe words again


Wile E. Coyote


Wile E. Coyote

We are bruised and broken
masterpieces but we don't paint ourselves;

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